Hurricane Irene and Software Problems: Not So Different

It may be crass to compare a fierce natural disaster to your accounting solution but I am going to do it anyway.  I understand the physical and emotional damage an actual hurricane can impose and in no way am I saying that a “software hurricane” can cause the same type of destruction.

What I will say, is that within the confines of our cubicles, office walls and excel spreadsheets, a software hurricane can inflict incredible damage to your business as well as your personal reputation.

Imagine you are working on closing out the month end statements.  Everything is going according to plan when suddenly your system crashes!  Data is flying everywhere, transaction entries disappear, employees are panicked and deadlines are approaching with no chance of meeting them.

This type of disaster would cripple an accounting department and start a chain reaction of delays, and back-ups throughout an entire company.

It only makes sense to be prepared for such a disaster just as you would be prepared for and actual hurricane or other real-life natural disaster.  Rather than boarding up your windows and doors, you can install field-level security.  Rather than stocking up on food and water, you can make data back-ups.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, these perks are built-in.  You don’t have to worry about a disaster.  In other words, installing Microsoft Dynamics GP is like moving to a natural disaster free zone.  Instead of scrambling when a disaster strikes, prevent the disaster all together with Microsoft Dynamics GP.




About integritymbs

I am the Marketing Director at Integrity Partners, Inc. My company is the coolest Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in the World....well, at last the coolest on 30th st. Check out my blog. Its also cool.
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