Still Using QuickBooks Pro? Ouch!

QuickBooks Pro is a very practical and inexpensive accounting solution for start-up companies who don’t want to exhaust their budget on unnecessary software.  QuickBooks provides the basic functions and processes to run a small business without many hiccups.  The problem, and it’s a big one, is that once your business begins to grow, QuickBooks doesn’t have the capabilities to grow with it.

Small businesses around the world have this problem every day and the most common solution is to manually adjust the various problems QuickBooks incurs with growth.  This band-aid approach works but at what, or who’s expense?

If you are a small business owner, officer, executive or manager than you know your most important resource is time, followed very closely by money.  Some will say its the other way around but for general purposes let’s keep it in that order.  Now, if your accounting solution isn’t able to automatically handle daily tasks your either going to have to enter the data yourself which takes up time or you can hire someone to handle the duties which in turn costs money.

Throwing resources at the problem is a short-term solution or as I said earlier, a band-aid solution.  Eventually though, the money or time is going to run out and the problem is still going to be there.

The fix?

Think long-term and upgrade your accounting solution now.  The initial costs of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP or another advanced accounting solution will pay for themselves within a year and you will be saving a lot of time as well.  Additionally, the transition will be far less painful now as opposed to down the road when you have months or even years of extra data to worry about.

Forecasting is important in every area of business.  Your accounting solution is no different.  Be smart, plan ahead and save those precious resources.


About integritymbs

I am the Marketing Director at Integrity Partners, Inc. My company is the coolest Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in the World....well, at last the coolest on 30th st. Check out my blog. Its also cool.
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