A Quick Thought Regarding Accounting Processes

Accounting isn’t exciting.  It is understandable that plugging numbers and analyzing income statements are not the highlights of your day.  That is normal and to be honest, if it was the highlight of your day I would be a little worried.

Being a Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog, we talk about accounting and accounting software a lot.  We discuss data migration and report writing and business process analysis and software upgrades and the difference between Business Essentials and Advanced Management and…ok you get it, it’s not that exiting.

The discussions from this blog will not be the highlight of your day.  They will not excite you.  They will not be something you talk about on Friday night.  What they will provide though, is an opportunity to leave more time in your day for the exciting stuff and the highlights.

This blog, along with Microsoft Dynamics GP are designed to make your life and job easier.  This blog will teach you things like how to eliminate unnecessary steps when posting transactions and how to share pertinent information with employees with the click of a button and how to hide it with another click.

So, when you read this blog, understand the goal is not to be the highlight of the day but to get you to that highlight a lot sooner.  Exciting right?




About integritymbs

I am the Marketing Director at Integrity Partners, Inc. My company is the coolest Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in the World....well, at last the coolest on 30th st. Check out my blog. Its also cool.
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