Analyzing the Efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Right now I am writing this blog, eating my lunch, listening to smooth jazz all while scanning e-mails.

Why do we multi-task? Why don’t we focus all our attention to one task at a time? The answer is efficiency. We are programmed to be efficient (or at least we “want” to be efficient). If you are more efficient than the next person you can accomplish more with less time, increasing your opportunity for success and leaving more room for recreational activities.

Efficiency is no different with a business. Specifically within the accounting department of a company, efficiency is more important than ever. Whatever industry you are in, accounting and finance are critical components of running a successful business. Lets examine how Microsoft Dynamics GP increases efficiency within those departments.

Microsoft Dynamics GP gets you up and running quickly and offers a proven, stable solution that helps fuel your operational efficiency by automating your business- critical operations, adapting to fit into your type of business.

Provide insight into the most relevant, business-critical information for everyone in your organization, for effective decision-making:

  • Enable your people to have role-based access to the information they need to do their jobs in a format that makes sense.
  • Automated alerts proactively notify your people when problems needing immediate action arise.

Automate and integrate your processes so your people can be more effective:

  • Free your people to focus on what matters most by allowing employees to take routine tasks online, reducing paperwork and data re-entry.
  • Automate relevant processes across teams for streamlined business processes.

Easily customize the solution for your unique business needs:

  • Extend your solution without the need for a developer or programming.
  • Integrate with non-Microsoft® applications using simple connectivity tools.
  • Incorporate your existing websites and applications, even if they are built on non-Microsoft platforms.
  • Match your unique business needs with an ecosystem of industry-specific offerings that enable you to satisfy your business needs with broadly adopted solutions.



About integritymbs

I am the Marketing Director at Integrity Partners, Inc. My company is the coolest Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in the World....well, at last the coolest on 30th st. Check out my blog. Its also cool.
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